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  • Mood: Mortified
  • Listening to: Omnium Gatherum - Nova Flame
  • Reading: D.N.Angel
  • Watching: Nabari no Ou
  • Playing: Skyrim/Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • Eating: Wotsits :I
  • Drinking: Moomoo milk :I
Stolen from :iconzellykun: :I

1) Name: Liam

2) Birthday: 12th May

3) Birthplace: BRIZZLE :I

4) Current Location: Jupiter's 3rd moon :3

5) Eye Colour: Faded kinda blue

6) Hair Colour: Brown, gonna dye it dark red soon :D

7) Height: 6'2", 188cm

8) Are you athletic: I can run pretty fast...? :')

9) Are you thin, fat, athletically built etc: Tall and thin :I

10) How much do you weigh: I dont know, but not a whole lot for my height xDD

11) Shoe size: UK 10/11

12) Your nickname on DA: Spazzy McGee? I dont know xD

13) Horoscope sign: Taurus

14) Religion: Bullshit :I

15) Brothers or sisters: 1 sister |:

16) Do you like the place where you live: Yupyup, nice and calm :D

17) What school/grade are you going to: Finished school xD

18) What do you want to be in your life: Mechanic, maybe a bike tuner :D

19) Personal quote: "Go away you bum-child!"

20) Lucky number: 5759673946576589864576 squared.

21) What are you interested in: Interesting stuff :I

22) Good side of your character: I'm supposedly really nice and funny ._.

23) Bad side of it: Kinda reclusive around new people, people being deliberately annoying make me furious. |:

24) Colours: Crimson, black, maybe gold.

25) Food: Pretty much anything Italian.

26) Girls- are you girly or tomboyish: -

27) Guys- Are you girly, or guyish: I have crazily soft skin and I always have longish hair...? ._.

28) How old are you: 18

29) Right/left Handed: Right-handed

30) Single or taken: Forever alone v-v

31) Your Heritage: From what I know, just British xD

32) Your Weakness: I'm pretty weak ... xDDD

33) Your Fears: Water... cant think of any others ... ._.

34) Goal You Would Like to Achieve This Year: Get a job v-v

35) Your most overused phrase on an instant messenger: The purple hate melons, THEY'RE TRYING TO STEAL THE GRAVITY!

36) Thoughts First Waking up: Maybe I can get another 5 minutes...

37) Your Best Physical Feature: Mah hands ;D

38) Your Bedtime's When: At the moment, whenever I get tired xD

39) Your Most Missed Memory: Eh...

40) Do you Shower Daily: I bathe every other day

41) Have you Been in Love: I believe so, yes.

42) Do you want to go to College: Been, didnt like it, left. xD

43) Do you want to get Married: I guess.

44) Do you believe in yourself: Good one ._.

45) Do you get Motion Sickness: Only if I spin on a chair for ages ... xD

46) Do you think you are Attractive: My soft skin is lovely ... but that's it xDD

47) Do you get along with your Parents: Most of the time.

48) Do you like Thunderstorms: Yup :3

49) Do you play an Instrument: Kindamaybesorta inspired to take up the chello ._.

50) Do you like animals: Yup <3

51) Have you ever met an online friend in person: Yup

52) Do you like to receive gift art: YES :D

53) Are you sociable: I try to be.

54) Do you have many friends: A fair few I guess ._.

55) Do you like to talk on the phone: Eh, s'okay I guess.

56) Are you paranoid: I cant let my foot poke over the edge of my bed without thinking something's gonna grab/bite my ankle xDDD

57) Do you read a lot: Quite a lot, I guess ...

58) Do you listen to music, what kind: Must be rhetorical. And mainly melodeath, industrial metal, electro and psytrance :I

59) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/male: Well there was this one guy in the mirror ... LOLJK.

60) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/female: Kate Beckinsale in Van Hellsing, HOLEEYYYY SHIET *~*

61) 5 of your best friends on dA/male: Dont really talk to my dA friends much xD

62) 5 of your best friends on dA/female: See above :I

63) If the world goes to apocalypse, and you can save only one person, who will that be: Morgan Freeman, duh!


Liram The Lime Flavoured LiamBear
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom

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